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It is the most important after Mount Athos monastic complex in Greece. Part of Trikala county but are within 80 km. from Larissa and is accessible either by motorway or by rail.
Belonging to the UNESCO World Heritage Site (UNESCO) since 1988.
In 1986 the first Pan Climbing Meeting have been organized, with the participation of leading climbers of the era.
Today, six monasteries are open, particularly:

- The male monastery of St. Nicholas the Asmenos or Monastery of Anapafsa
- Monastery Rousanou or Arsani
- The male monastery of Metamorfosis, known as the "Great Meteor" on the highest rock.
- The monastery of All Saints or Monastery of Varlaam
- The Holy Trinity Monastery (Meteora)
- The St. Stephen's nunnery Monastery (Meteora)


koilada tempwnValley of Tempi

Tempi or Tempi valley is Greece's valley between mountain Olympus and mountain Ossa.

Pinios river is flowing through the valley which then flows into the Aegean Sea.

Visit the area to see the traditional church of Agia Paraskevi and drink holy water from it's natural sources. The Tempi Valley is one of the most important stops for migratory birds.

The village Tempi (older name Baba) is situated at an altitude of 100m at a distance of 26 km from Larissa and 7 km from Omolio.

The few permanent residents engaged in olive production, horticulture and animal husbandry. In the village a tower is preserved, owned by B. Plastara and a watermill at area "Akure".



ampelakiaHistorical community of Ambelakia

Perched not very high, on a hillside of Kissavos at an altitude of 400, Ampelakia have stayed in history as the village established the first cooperative in the world in 1778.

Today, with 355 inhabitants, the village is still a vibrant community, with people that are staying inside their homes only in case of heavy snowing.

Citizens of Ambelakia, in 1780, created the first cooperative in the world, with statutes inspired by the principles of enlightenment.

Already from year 1773, free education schools were operating at Ambelakia, while Larissa got its first school in 1810, and in 1820 in whole Greece were functioning only 14 schools.



moni olympiwtissasMonastery of Madonna Olympiotissa

The Monastery of Madonna Olympiotissa , the jewel of Elassona city, is the most important historical monument and attraction of the province.

The monastery is visible from anywhere in the city and the plain and requires no special effort to track it.

Woodwork masterpieces are the temple and the bishop's throne. Great importance is also the rich shellfish collection of the Natural History Museum, housed in the monastery.

For hiking lovers, there is a path in a beautiful tree-lined setting.